Being Authentically You

What does being authentically you represent? The inspiration from my blog name, Authentically Vee, stems from the desire to authentically be myself, while also inspiring others to do the same. I hope to inspire others to move one step closer toward authenticity within all aspects of their lives. My goal is to help others improve their way of being, their view of self, and their relationships with others. My writing is not to share absolute truths, but to share based on my professional experience with clients, my research, and my own personal experiences.

Authenticity is often defined as something that is genuine and real; ultimately someone who is true to their self. The action behind being true to oneself is often much harder than it sounds. There are various aspects of our lives that prevent us from being our true selves, and often times, we are unsure who our true self is. Is our true self who we currently are, or who we are striving to be? Are we able to be our true selves all the time and within our different roles and contexts? I think these are questions that we may all struggle with, and I’m not sure there’s a right or wrong answer. I see authenticity being grounded in much more than just the perception of being true to one’s self. Authenticity is not a destination to reach, but rather a journey. This involves a journey of self-reflection and awareness. It is important to recognize what prevents us from being our authentic selves and what we can do to overcome these things that hinder us the most. Authenticity is not just important for the self, but vital within our relationships with others. If we are not in true authentic connection with ourselves, we are not able to be in authentic connection with others. I believe there are various layers of our identity to unveil that will allow us to better connect to our true selves and others. In my upcoming book, I will outline the acronym A.U.T.H.E.N.T.I.C; which will discuss the various layers of ourselves that must be acknowledged in order to enhance our authentic self. Moving towards a life of authenticity allows us to accomplish our dreams and desires, gain more fulfilling relationships, and ultimately live a life in which we are living truly for ourselves.

I am able to write about authenticity, not because I am an expert and have mastered the art of being authentic. I write about authenticity because as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have worked with many clients who struggle with these feelings. Through my experiences with clients, I have understood what often prevents individuals from being their true selves, and the detrimental impacts this can have on relationships. I have recently done research with women who seemed to value living an authentic life and the struggles they faced on that journey. I have been through my own journey of striving for this authenticity; desiring to be the best version of myself as I could; but often falling short of this perfect ideal I strived for. This concept of perfection often gets in our way. I see authenticity as the very opposite of perfection. Perfection represents a state of being flawless, authenticity represents acknowledging and accepting these flaws. Being flawless is a false reality, flaws are a true human experience. When we are able to accept our flaws, we are able to also accept the flaws of others, and move closer to authentic connections. Flaws are often seen as negative attributes, however, flaws represent our experiences, our struggles, our idiosyncrasies; and most importantly, our areas for growth. I saw this quote by Mandy Hale and she states it best: “Be honest about who you are. Flaws and all. You never know you are inspiring by simply being you.”

Authentically Vee