The Year of Transformation

As we begin this New Year, many of us have our new year’s resolutions and goals we would like to achieve. We often enter with a “new year, new me” attitude. But more times than not, we are the exact same person, and the New Year resolutions that we established are usually forgotten about within 3 months. This is not necessarily a bad thing, each year does not always have to warrant a new beginning. We are able to have new beginnings at any point within the year, we do not need a countdown and a ball drop to set new goals for ourselves. But when we do set these goals, we often focus narrowly on the end goal. Whether this be starting a new exercise plan, making money, or enhancing our relationships; these end goals always sound great. But there is a certain type of transformation that is required to reach these goals. We cannot transform our body, professional careers, or relationships; until we have transformed our minds. There is a certain mindset we must have in order to reach our specific goals. Often times we want to change everything around us, while keeping the same thought processes. This is nearly impossible to do. We live in a society where time is of the essence, and if there were some way to reach our long term goals within 3 days we would jump at the opportunity. Unfortunately, it takes more than a few days, and depending on your goals, takes more than a few months. Anything worth having does not come easy, and we often lose sight of this. We must transform our thinking which reflects patience and consistency. These common 10 day diets and get rich quick methods we see in magazines are simply catchy phrases to draw in readers and those who want results fast; which is often most of us. But hardly are these results as fast as we anticipate, which makes us frustrated and we give up. Not all of our expectations and plans work out, but these are opportunities to learn, grow, and try different methods. When we have the give-up mindset, we do not learn, we do not grow, and we fail to take advantage of any other opportunities due to the fear of failing again. Being stuck in this mindset hinders our ability to grow.

We have the ability to do what we want if only we believe in ourselves. Our minds have an underestimated powerful effect on what we do and what we believe that we can do. We tell ourselves that we can’t, or we don’t have time, or that we don’t know how; and soon we believe these messages. Instead we should be saying, “I can, but how can I begin?” “If this is important to me, how can I make time?” “Who can I talk to that has done this already?” These are examples of a different mindset. The focus is less on reasons that prevent us from doing things, and more on the positive ways in which we can accomplish these things. I also would think in negative ways (and still do at times!) when it came to me starting my own business and trying new things. But I overcame that mindset by researching, reading, and talking to those who have done the things I wanted to do. Those 3 simple things gave me the knowledge I needed, and it was up to me to believe in myself rather than doubting myself. This can very well be a great year of transformation for you, however, it starts with your mindset. This new mindset will allow you to live authentically in what you want to do, without fear and self-doubt holding you back. Change your negative thoughts and ignore those around you who also have these negative thoughts. Break free from the mindset of can’t, doubt, and fear, and remember the importance of patience, consistency, and hard work. Insanity is defined as doing something the same way repeatedly and expecting different results. The only way to get different results is with different behaviors, and most importantly, a different mindset. When we shift our mindset to more positive thinking, and remember that goals require patience and consistency; we can very well make this year the year of transformation. If you are out of your comfort zone in reaching some of your goals, you are right where you’re supposed to be! There can be no change without a challenge. Wishing you a great start to this new year and a true transformation towards your goals!

Authentically Vee