"Everyone is Going Through Something"

Professional basketball player, Kevin Love, shared an amazing story about his mental health. He hit many relevant points; from the societal pressures for individuals to silently suffer, to the fact that everyone is struggling with different things. No matter how much money we have, or the fame that surrounds us, no one is immune to the struggles of life. It is necessary for our culture to shift from this judgement around mental health. Individuals are silently suffering, and feel they are unable to ask for help. This leads to detrimental isolation, and can lead to the violence that we see around us today. As men, you do not have to figure it out on your own and be strong; and as women, we do not need to remain quiet. For some reason, we've shifted into this "all-or-nothing" thinking. We think that if we ask for help, we are not strong; if we struggle, we are inadequate. However, we are able to struggle and still be amazingly strong. Strength is vulnerability. Strength is acknowledging that you can't always figure it out on your own. Strength is being okay with not being okay. Strength is speaking out despite the shame you may feel. Kevin Love exemplified true strength, as well as many others who have began to speak out; and I hope others are inspired by these stories. We may not all want to share our struggles to this extent, but hopefully we can have the realization that we are not alone. 

Read his full story below:

Everyone Is Going Through Something | By Kevin Love